Moderncast is a universal Windows podcasting app I’m currently developing using C# and Visual Studio.

The idea came about after trying to find a good Podcast app on the Windows store. There is exactly one good one on the Windows Phone Store, Podcast Lounge which while good at the basics has too many features and isn’t very visually interesting.

What I wanted to do with mine, other then learn some new skills was build something that offered a new take on the modern design Microsoft started, something like a few of the new Microsoft apps (see Office 2016) have tried to do.

I think a lot of people see this modern design language as lots of big text, and that’s no the case. It’s sort of a take at anti skeuomorphism, objects don’t need to represent something in the real world. A knob on a screen doesn’t actually help like a knob on a radio. We can’t physically turn it, so why have it? Instead lets find the equivalents in the digital world. Lets use beautiful and easy to read text with colors to highlight things, negative space to allow you to focus on content and then add the important features in a way that makes sense.

In other words, I want to build an app that is incredibly intuitive in design, simple in how it works but all the features you’d want in a podcast app.

I’ll keep updating as I progress, but for now here is some concept art. Currently I’m building the interface in Visual Studio based on these designs.