newTab Homepage Replacement

It has bugged me for a while that there isn’t a good way to sync bookmarks between multiple browsers across multiple devices. There are some options, for instance between devices if they support Chrome or Opera. For devices that don’t have those you’re stuck and I really disliked the implementation.

With that in mind I started building a webpage that I could use as the page that loads in new tabs on any device. I wanted something very touch friendly, something that scaled well and something I could bundle into extensions.

With those requirements in mind I started programming and here is where I’m at.


You can give it a try by visiting The implementation is fairly simple, it stores bookmarks in localStorage until it’s ready to sync. To sync you go to the options, log in with facebook then in the future it will sync automatically with the newest version. Right now it’s a manual process where you have to tell it to sync up to a server or back down. I’ve added timestamping though so automatic syncing should come soon.

Right now it’s also still fairly rough around the edges. The UI I built super quick a while ago and just recently implemented the javascript to add bookmarks via the webpage instead of via manually editing the html file.

For syncing I went with a super simple and for now free system from Playfab. It wasn’t exactly the systems intended purpose but a friend works there and it gave me a chance to help him find bugs in their system. Plus hey, learning something new never hurts. Anyway after fiddling with their API for a little bit I got everything working.


I have a short todo list still then I think I’ll focus more on my Podcast app. I’ll try to keep posting updates though as I tick things off this list.


  • Theme support
  • Switch color picker to swatches for better mobile experience
  • Fix UI issues
  • Add square icon option & hover/press animations for icons
  • Add search default options
  • Add search suggest API’s (so tie it into bing and google for auto search suggest)
  • Finish and publish Chrome extension
  • Create and publish Spartan extension. This will honestly probably come before the Chrome extension since I imagine a smaller store will help to highlight me more